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How Nature Can Nurture Your Relationship with Your Teen with Tricia Robinson

July 22, 2021

Tricia Robinson (@triciarobinsoncoaching) was once a successful director in corporate America. After 17 years of attempting to be a “have it all” mom with two young kids, her body and mind broke down. Tricia quit her job and spent over five years recovering from multiple injuries. Now, she’s a triathlete and a NYC marathon finisher with a dream of becoming an Ironman athlete. As a wellness coach, she helps stressed out businesswomen who are tired of running on empty to focus on self-care so that they gain back their energy, fit into their clothes, and feel empowered to fulfill their dreams.

In this episode Dr. Cam and Tricia talk about: 

  • How a simple walk can help solve complex problems
  • The power of taking little steps to accomplish big things
  • The benefits of nature on our body, mind, and relationship with our teen

Check out Tricia’s breathing technique to help you calm down. It's great in a high stress situation or when you want to get to sleep:

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